About Us

Who we are

The company was founded in 1999 by Everest Barjau, Carmen Mariscal and Ferananda Ibarra, after some years of reflections from a group of people with the same interests who met at ITAM, in Mexico City. Since its foundation Tooriginal Solutions is led and directed by Everest Barjau.

Our project teams are normally conformed by the people who joined us in those initial years, however other great persons have joined us since then. We are always open to incorporate new people interested in working with us. DoxaNetwok is our coordination system that integrates the people involved.

Our key processes


Is our formal innovation system, awarded in 2016 by the president of Mexico. Within InnovaNet we have three innovation, research and development lines: 1. basic research, focused to build a generic decision-making model and methodology under complex environments, supported by several theories as economics of networks, coordination and complexity. The main result of this research line is COMPLEXIO; 2. applied research: based on COMPLEXIO, we have developed specific solutions for different environments; for example where agents are homogeneous (e.g. Net Customers) or not (e.g. Net Clusters). The main result of this research are all the services that we offer to our clients; 3. applied research for Barcelona Evolution, which we explain below.


Is our operations coordination system, also based on COMPLEXIO. With DoxaNetwork we mencourage ourselves to cooperate.


Is our general project management process. We take care of the relation with our clients so we always achieve great results. Our business goals are related to the quality and not the quantity of projects.


We are part of RENIECyT network of CONACyT, the Mexican federal government organization responsible of the innovation public policies, who recognizes us as a company with formal research activities in the economics area.

Fundación Premio Nacional de Tecnología

In December 2016 we were awarded with the National Prize of Technology and Innovation for our innovation system InnovaNet. This prize is the highest award granted by the President of Mexico to recognize an organization that has implemented a mature R&D and innovation system.

Barcelona Evolution

BCN Evolution is a brand new spin off company derived from Tooriginal Solutions.

After all these years designing solutions to our clients, we decided to start-up our own project oriented to offer general coordination solutions in complex environments. The two main pillars for BCN Evolution are the mobile technologies and our own models and solutions vision. Our goal is not oriented to create more mobile apps but real cooperation solutions where complex coordination systems are required.

If you are interested in our project, please contact us.


  • We also love teaching. We participate regularly with some important universities in their academic programs and as speakers with many other institutions and congresses.

NGO support

We are always open to support with our vision and solutions non-profit organizations, mainly oriented for the development of social communities and SMEs in developing countries.