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These T&C are included in our website because we are required by applicable law, that were created most likely due to some perverse organizations do not respect the privacy of individuals as we do with you regardless of any law.

Terms and Conditions

1. Cookies.

We don’t use cookies “to optimize your navigation experience” or for any other purposes. Don’t worry about it because we preferred not to collect your navigation information. Instead, we try to design a simple site expecting that you will not have any problem with your navigation. If search engines or ourselves don’t recover any information we will just say “ooops”. But if you find something wrong in the website we will appreciate your feedback.

2. Personal Information.

We will not recover any personal information of anybody through this website so we don’t have any database with your information recorded in any system.
The only opportunity to do that, is related to the “contact” button. In this case you will be redirected to your email system and you will decide to send us an email that is out of the jurisprudence of the any law regarding to this website. We expect that you really contact us and we will be really glad to respond any questions you have about us, our services or anything else, including non professional psychological answers related to this T&C.

3. Logo/brands.

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Our partners authorized us to include their logo/brands/links in our website (so they know it; we include this just in case of an unexpected paragraph described in “that law”, rather than to inform you about it).

All logo/brands from our clients included in the website and videos are exclusively of their own property. We include them as a fact in our professional relationship. We think they all are great organizations and we are very proud to work with them.

All logo/brands regarding to other organizations included in our videos are also of their own property. If we included them in our videos is with the purpose to explain something they use to afford in their markets based on public information. Our goal is not the judgement of their vision or any other strategic decision defined by them. We think they all are also great organizations and we will like to work with them some day.