Our generic Solutions

strategic planning based on the analysis of markets and the organizations themselves as a complex network. The main goal is to define the strategies creating positive network externalities applied to the organization or locking-in their markets.

R&D based on network models. We help organizations implement the innovation / R&D processes to create formal solutions based on positive network externalities.

team / group coordination solutions based on formal cooperation systems. We help organizations improve their operational results for homogeneous agents like a sales force team.

coordination systems for heterogeneous agents within an organization based on formal cooperation mechanisms. We help organizations improve their operational results for heterogeneous agents like the coordination among different business units or VP’s teams.

customer oriented solutions based on the creation of positive network externalities. We help organizations to lock-in the markets and improve their business results: maximize your market share, minimize the churn rate, maximize your revenues or minimize your sales costs, among many others.

Industrial organization networks. We help governments / industries to define efficient public policies to develop industrial sectors minimizing the cluster development costs and maximizing the incentives for agents to participate in the network.

We help organizations and governments to define efficient markets: transaction rules (policies), which optimally stimulate the dynamics of the participants. We design solutions based on positive network externalities to minimize information asymmetries or to create a greater market value, among many other challenges.

Coordination solutions for cooperative companies. This is our specific solution oriented to define formal coordination systems for this kind of companies.

Usually contracts include: 1. the matter of a relation; 2. all the legal aspects to protect the participants. Once defined the contract, all agents will try to protect their own interests, normally achieving non-cooperative solutions. We help organizations and governments to include a third and innovative approach, aimed at defining the rules of coordination to encourage the parties to cooperate and achieve an efficient solution reducing the supervision costs, among many other benefits.

We help governments define public policies oriented to encourage the economic / citizen agents to develop efficient markets. With our solutions governments leave public policies oriented to subvention to grant a focus on developing markets. Once the market is operating efficiently with network externalities, public subsidies are less necessary because all agents have explicit incentives to participate.


Developing a project with us

1 Agile projects

Companies operate under stress; our solutions are new and complementary to the organization operations, so it's just required a very small team (e.g. a coordinator), to validate with us the development of the solution.

2 Non - intrusive operations: agility for our clients

We also design and develop the final solution (e.g. software). If our client can’t operate the system, we have the capacity to operate and maintain the solution.

3 Ad-hoc and low cost solutions

We develop solutions aligned to our clients’ vision, strategy and operations. Our solutions are always oriented to operate at zero cost, which is an important goal of our methodologies.

4 Total immersion

The project development is aligned to the organization’s dynamics and restrictions. To achieve the best solutions, we do a total immersion in the agents' experience involved in the solution.


Maximum value for our clients

1 Exclusivity

When developing solutions to increase the barriers against competitors, we work with a single organization for each sector / market

2 Maximum benefits

Our solutions are oriented to lock-in our clients' markets, thereby increasing its market share and minimizing its business risk in the long term. Lock-in effects are not replicable by competitors.

3 Maximum quality

Our project teams are small and always conformed by senior consultants with a strong experience. Our analysis and solutions are not based on trivial analysis as processes design. Our business goals are related to the quality and not with the quantity of projects.

4 Experts complementarities

Our clients are the experts in their sectors; we are the experts in complex analysis to create network solutions based on positive network externalities. Our solutions are always adapted to our clients' vision, strategies and operations.

5 Knowledge transfer

We are interested in transferring our methodologies to our clients. We adapt our times and methods (e.g. workshops), to transfer our knowledge according to the organizational culture and agenda.

Our clients

Some of our clients in the Private sector
Seguros Banamex

Some of our clients in the Public sector
Generalitat de Catalunya